About me

Welcome! My name is Sam Michielsen (°1985) and I live in Antwerp. After majoring in Latin and ancient Greek in high school, I wanted to fully immerse myself in the world of foreign languages. I decided to study in French, so I enrolled at ISTI (Institut Supérieur pour Traducteurs et Interprètes) in Brussels, nowadays connected to the ULB University as a master program, and I obtained my degree in Translation and Applied Linguistics in 2006, majoring in Spanish and Italian with minors in Japanese, English and German. After my master’s degree, I did a one year exchange program at Nagoya University in Japan, focusing on Japanese language and culture, and I obtained a Teaching Certificate from the University of Antwerp.

Between 2009 and 2017, I built up professional experience in a wide range of industries, both in Belgium and abroad, with the use of foreign languages as a constant element. This broad practical experience can now be applied in my various professional activities. Take a look on my website to discover what I have in store.